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  1. In our work to influence tech companies, Governments and consumer blocks it’s very powerful to be able to tell them that we have an active and growing number of supporters. To help us, and to stay up to date with our work, please:

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  1. We need to exert pressure on Governments, and to do that they need to know that you are concerned and want them to make a difference. Please write to your MEP and national representative: there are letter templates here, or you can use Walk Free’s campaign material.

    Template letter to MEPs (doc)
    A list of MEP email addresses is forthcoming.
    In the meantime, please search on the EU website.

    Template letter to MPs in the UK (doc)
    Find your MP

  1. Write to your tech company and tell them that you want them to change! Modify our template letter and email them today.

    Letter to Tech companies (doc)
    List of Tech company email addresses (doc) with huge thanks to Global Witness

    Sample tweet to Apple (other major players coming soon):
    Hi @Tim_Cook Will you support @CongoCalling demands for #Apple to use only clean-mine minerals and suppliers to buy from certified smelters?

  1. When you are thinking of buying technology, exert your consumer power and make the best choice you can! Our partners in the USA, the Enough Project, have prepared a fantastic ranking of tech companies to help you.

Enough Project Corporate Rankings 2012

  1. If you are buying a new phone, choose a FairPhone. It’s the most promising conflict-free mobile yet.

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  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC or simply the Congo is a beautiful country with a lot to offer nestled in the heart of Africa. It is a place rich in resources, land-mass and population. But, hidden from the outside world, is a harsh and ugly reality which torments its people daily.
    We all have the ability to make change happen: tell someone, write to someone, sign a petition, and talk about the situation in Congo. When awareness grows, action will follow.
    Information about campaigns sparked by Congo Calling, and ideas for your own campaign.