Even electronics can be “bloody”…

An article about Congo Calling on the Czech radio website. The following is copied from the page as translated by Google Chrome, without any tweaking.

Even electronics can be “bloody”. This might not know about cell phones …

In the Western world, fair trade bananas, coffee or clothes, something absolutely normal. However, there are other products that we desperately need to live while their questionable origin we do not know. We offer you a meeting with a man who is fighting for fair trade mobile phones.

The civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia remember well what they are “conflict diamonds”. Even today but the world can find a lot of materials that are problematic mined and exported from countries where people kill and democracy is an empty concept. It draws attention to the campaign Congo Calling. According to it, there are essentially always an alternative, but this rich society ignored. Just as in the manufacture of mobile phones and other modern electronics.

What are “conflict minerals”?

Bandi Mbube is as loud as warm and immediate Halama. Today the Democratic Republic of Congo has left at age 21 and since then he has lived in Britain. The bloody conflict in his country sees with different eyes than politicians and diplomats at the negotiating table.

“In my country extracts four metals, without which modern devices can not do: tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold. Benefiting often in appalling conditions. Miners do not get a decent wage and work in the mines also children, “says campaigner against conflict minerals or too bloody Bandi Mbube.

“These minerals are then of Congo, where thousands of people still die, belts. Ends with companies in China or even Kazakhstan, which is melted. These companies and technological concerns long shrugged and claimed that they actually do not know where minerals come from, “says Bandi Mbube.

Initially, the trade fair for laughs

Even when he started from scratch, with the help of social networks, he managed to capture the nails. Now thanks to the large number of ethically minded consumers in the Western world develops the world’s big players pretty decent pressure.

“Maybe Apple has adopted a strategy to reduce conflict minerals in their products. He had his nose caught fire Nokia and Samsung, but the head of the peloton companies that have subscribed to this responsibility, it is definitely Intel, “says approvingly band, which is among the finalists for the prestigious TED Prize.

The turning point came after him at a time when the United States adopted in 2010, the law on conflict minerals. Congolese massive recalls that even the champions of fair trade coffee were from large companies start to laugh. Organized events in churches and looking like fools. Today once skeptical attract retailers new clients advertising are fair trade products.

Mobil has now even the poorest Congolese miner

“We just need something tangible, we’re just human beings. So far, the debate about fair trade phones terribly abstract. People I asked for support, they said: Okay, when you have the device in hand, they will come. Now we have a Dutch company which made the phone a purely non-conflict minerals can be ordered. Waiting a few months, but the price is competitive, “he reports proudly Bandi.

According to him, the Europeans should know that today has a cell phone, even the poorest Congolese miner. Paradoxically, on these devices containing conflict minerals to Congolese recorded evidence of shocking conditions in the mines and Bandi and has plenty of evidence.

Awareness about conflict minerals help save lives

It is consistent campaign against conflict diamonds according to him, managed to stop the slaughter in Sierra Leone or Liberia. For his country but has Bandi Mbube different pattern.

“Awareness of conflict minerals should be allowed Angola to strengthen the mining of diamonds its economy. By the standards of Central Africa, Angola is doing better than any other country in the region. Money from the extraction of minerals are returned to the local economy and get down to ordinary people. “

Bandi Mbube believe that his efforts could trigger a chain reaction. Her part is, of course, stop the Congolese conflict, improve the social situation of miners and generally all Congolese and gentler treatment of the environment. Bandi launched a campaign Congo Calling only in April last year.

Now we mainly focus on raising money. It helps him said several several celebrities, including one unnamed Hollywood superstar. It is necessary to make a film about the bloody minerals in mobile phones and tablets will help speed up the whole debate. 

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