Congo Week, 14-20 October

This year, Congo Week runs from 14-20 October, and has the theme Breaking the Silence.  Many universities in the UK are taking part.

Breaking the Silence Congo Week is a week of activities that commemorates the millions of lives lost in the Congo conflict while celebrating the enormous human and natural potential that exists in the country. Communities throughout the globe join in partnership with Congolese each year on the third week of October to screen films, hold teach-ins and forums, organize rallies, host fundraisers, put on concerts and undertake many other activities to elevate the profile of the Congo throughout the globe.

Students and community organizers initiated Congo Week in 2008.  Religious leaders, scholars, intellectuals, artists,  and ordinary people throughout the globe also got involved to acknowledge the lives of the Congolese people and their pursuit for human dignity.

More information and to sign up…


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