Roundtable at SOAS on Conflict Minerals

On Friday 21st September, Bandi Mbubi is taking part in a roundtable organised by the Centre for African Development and Security (CADS) in partnership with the School of Oriental and African Studies’ (SOAS) Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy.

The Roundtable will bring together a number of advocacy and diaspora groups based in the UK to discuss the issue of ‘conflict minerals’ from eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – metal ores used by rebels, militia and units of the Congolese army to fund their war efforts.

In particular, the Roundtable will cover: the recent U.S. regulations requiring electronic, jewellery and other companies to find out and report on the ultimate source of their minerals; how European legislation could help prevent armed group financing; and how to coordinate advocacy action in Europe to promote peace and development in the Congo.

Find out more on the CADS website.

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