iPhone 5 and TED.com

Exciting news!

Bandi Mbubi’s talk at TEDxExeter has just been released on TED.com, timed to coincide with the shipping of the iPhone 5.

At this time, when HTC has also unveiled two Windows Phone 8 handsets, it is as well to remember what goes in to the making of these phones. Every mobile phone contains the mineral Coltan, which is mined in the Congo among other countries. This natural wealth could bring many benefits to the ordinary people of the Congo, but instead it is funding armed conflict and horrific abuses. So Bandi calls: “We demand fairtrade food and fairtrade clothes. It is time to demand fairtrade phones.”

Your voice can make a difference.

Sign this petition asking Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc, to “make a conflict-free product that includes minerals from eastern Congo”.

Apple at least has a policy on Sourcing conflict-free materials, but HTC has no obvious supply chain policy at all. Ask HTC to develop a policy on a conflict-free supply chain, and to make a conflict-free product that includes minerals from the Congo.

And there is more information on other actions you can take on our Act page.

Please use your mobile phone and be part of the solution.


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