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“My wish is to convince everyone to do one simple thing: to insist on fairly traded mobile phones, tablets, and games consoles, and in so doing, transform an industry and the world. The illegal trade in minerals for these devices has fuelled two decades of violent war in my home country, the DRC, and in so many others, but one small action by many could help end the violence.” — Bandi Mbubi, July 2013

Congo Calling was launched at TEDxExeter 2012 following Bandi Mbubi’s powerful call for the development of fair trade technology which uses ethically-sourced, conflict-free minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Illegal mining in the eastern part of the DRC fuels the continuing war there and denies local people the peace, stability and prosperity which would flow from the ethical management of the Congo’s natural resources.

Since then Bandi’s talk has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world to demand that technology companies develop conflict-mineral free technology akin to the fair trade food and clothes we are all familiar with.

Congo Calling offers us all a means of making a difference: we can all demand conflict free technology. Our work is unique!

In little over a year we have established a large and growing network of supporters in key groups including technology companies, academics, students, NGOs, faith groups, policy makers, Government and the diaspora. We are already seeing the impact of our work, and its reach is spreading. We have been invited to collaborate with activists in Central and South America, and speaking engagements in Europe and the USA are already in place.

Your support can make a real difference to our work. Please explore this site to learn more about conflict minerals and the DRC and to find out how you can make a stand. Join our mailing list and share our work on Twitter and Facebook. Use technology to become part of the solution!

“We demand fairtrade food and fairtrade clothes. It is time to demand fairtrade phones.” — Bandi Mbubi, TEDxExeter 2012



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  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC or simply the Congo is a beautiful country with a lot to offer nestled in the heart of Africa. It is a place rich in resources, land-mass and population. But, hidden from the outside world, is a harsh and ugly reality which torments its people daily.
    We all have the ability to make change happen: tell someone, write to someone, sign a petition, and talk about the situation in Congo. When awareness grows, action will follow.
    Information about campaigns sparked by Congo Calling, and ideas for your own campaign.